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The Insider Secret on Essay Service Uncovered

The Insider Secret on Essay Service Uncovered What About Essay Service? Layout formatting companies take care of spacing, margins and fonts to be certain they are all incorporated in line with the style used. No matter what format you choose, be sure you turn up the ideal piece you can with the assistance of an effective writing computer software. Just stick to the steps above and you should come across the English language writing process a great deal simpler and simpler. New Questions About Essay Service There are rather many on-line companies that offer essay online services today. If all you want is the ability to select the test and get it graded to observe how you do, there's also that option. All you will need is a desire to study and to apply once possible to begin your education and provide yourself a better future. Our essay on-line service is accomplished by highly qualified individuals that are committed at giving students a service which would enable them to be th e very best in their class. Not only will a very good teacher answer all your questions but will also see that you are genuinely interested in writing a superior term paper. Ultimately, towards the conclusion of your conclusion, you can reflect on the way the essay compares to something else such as modern occasions or the future. The introduction should introduce your principal idea and can consist of several points. A very simple thesis statement may be something like A great leader should have intelligence, great judgment, and courage. Where to Find Essay Service Another thing to consider with respect to essay format is that every paragraph should be independent and you'll lose marks if they aren't. Free formatting Sometimes, it may happen you've already written a report but you believe there are some mistake or repetitions in the essay. After you have discovered a topic, set a principle that you will utilize to classify and make certain you stick to that principle throug hout all of your essay. Later, when you get the simple essay format down pat, your topic sentence won't necessarily will need to be the very first sentence. Essay Service: the Ultimate Convenience! If you want to compose an essay, you will be astounded at what you can do should you observe the steps above. Ensure your essay appears good once it's been published. For the time being, however, it is going to enable you to organize your essay and teach you just how to compose an essay. Together with us, you can rest assured you are going to be extended an essay for money that's appropriate. If you would like to select the ideal essay writing services you have to investigate and work a good deal. It is possible to also ask them ideas for reflective essays and they'll respond accordingly. Essay writing is just one of the most troublesome tasks in academic writing. It doesn't have to be difficult. Your reflective essay needs to be done by means of a service that's committed and most significantly, it ought to be a professional in the specialty. Order top-notch essay at the moment and certified specialists will do their very best to supply you with higher quality at fair price. Formatting services provided by our firm are offered in tandem with proofreading services that make sure your work is absolutely free from grammatical and punctuation errors. Reliable An excellent reflective essay service is extremely trustworthy and works to make sure that it meets deadlines, including the timeliest of all deadlines. If you're mature and diligent, your term paper is sure to be ideal. Be certain that your subject and thesis fulfill the crucial requirements and analyze the length of time your paper will turn out. If you're writing a background synthesis, in some instances it could be appropriate that you provide an interpretation of the material or have a position (thesis). You might also want to suggest additional research or comment on things that it wasn't possible that you discuss in the paper. Essay Service: No Longer a Mystery Usually people believe custom essay services are normally beneficial to deceive folks. Download the internet Casino software today and you may play our totally free casino online, and be on your way to the fun and excitement of Vegas style internet casino gaming! The very first and best thing you want to think about while selecting an essay writing service is make certain that the website has a fantastic reputation within the writing industry. You ought to make sure the service knows the most effective reflective essay topics that will grab the interest of the readers. Qualities of a fantastic reflective essay service When looking for help with writing a reflective essay, you need to make sure that you're working with a service that's a skilled and one that's worth your money. Or if you're just writing a report and searching for tips. Regardless of your instructional locations, you will be able to approach internet customized essay service to acquire the ideal paper. You can trust the ideal essay help online.

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Process of International Business Individual Transactions

The process of international business transactions is made up of all the profitable transactions between two or more countries. Governments are changes from international business are led by private companies for profit necessarily exclusively. In addition, it also comprises of a large part of the growing of the business environments in the world. In additional, the company works internationally in order to involve in other business model of local businesses in their country. Besides, within a few decades, the international business grew very quickly, as in the growth of technology, liberalization of government policies on the cross - border movement of trade resources, official support and facilitates international trade. In addition, with the development of institutions to support, international business became more successful in their market. Besides, technology also has an important impact on the international business, it is because the demand for the new products and services has increased, the number of business transactions has increased and the capability of managers to control all foreign operations have better for the better. Impact Technology has a massive impact on the international business, so, as the best decision is to increase the demand for products and services. Due to the increased demand happened, international business transactions increase so fast. The increase in transportation and communication will also rapidly up the interaction and increase theShow MoreRelatedSucceed The Negotiation Process And How The Participants Can Curb The Challenges Leading For Successful Transactions1491 Words   |  6 PagesSucceeding in International Business Negotiations. Denise C Matowa Corpus Christi College BUSN 204 1.1 Introduction International business can be defined as the exchange of goods and services across borders through the use of negotiators. It can be thought of as the deliberate investment into another country with the gain of a commodity in the transaction. Through the fast paced train known as globalization, many companies have found international business transactions to be quite fruitfulRead MoreA Weekly Training Session 1 Embargo Sanctions1525 Words   |  7 Pagessanctions regimes our international bank must consider when carrying out its global business including the implications of extra territoriality. We will also examine the consequences of failing to comply with sanctions. What are the sanctions regimes our international bank must consider? Firstly, we all need to be clear on what sanctions regimes are and how they are set out. Financial and Trade Sanctions are part of a package of measures applied by individual countries, International Organisations orRead MoreCorruption International Business Concerns The Making Of An Unlawful Payment1503 Words   |  7 Pages Corruption international business concerns the making of an unlawful payment to the politician’s government officials of a host company. The causes of corruption are multidimensional including cultural economic political legal and institutional factors that have different variations from one country to the other. The Foreign Corrupt Practices act was passed in 1977 to prohibit the bribes and gifts to foreign officials as a method of payment influencing businesses and government decisions and toRead MoreThe Impact Of Logistics Innovations On The International Business Essay1509 Words   |  7 Pagesare constantly developing for meeting the growing requir ements of international business. The innovations in logistics are crucial, which can not only stimulate the emergence of international business around the world, but also further promote its efficiency and scale. This essay will focus on the innovations in modern logistics, taking 3PL as an example to discuss the impacts of logistics innovations on the international business. It will firstly make a brief introduction of 3PL, then followed byRead MoreKnowledge of Accounting System as Effective Tools in the Decision-Making of Micro Enterprises1343 Words   |  5 PagesRecently, on July of year 2009, the International Accounting Standards’ Board (IASB) released the International Financial Reporting Standards for Small and Medium-Sized Entities (IFRS for SMEs) . Micro, small and medium enterprises (MSMEs) encompass 99.6% of all registered business in the country and occupy 70% of the labor force (Department of Trade and Industry [DTI], 2010). This makes them an essential unit in the economical aspect of the country. Also, according to DTI, their major role entailsRead MoreInternational Business Communications : Unit 4- Negotiations And Cross Cultural Approaches1136 Words   |  5 Pages International Business Communications (MGM316 -1603A -05) Instructor: Jason Sheedy Unit 4- Negotiations and Cross-Cultural Approaches Amanda Kranning July 22, 2016 From a relative perspective, effective communication proves imperative in aiding efficient business transactions. The different cultures and nations involved in the launch of the fast-food franchise should aim at understanding one another’s culture despite their differences between culture, language, and way of lifeRead MoreLectures and Reading for My Class, Incoterms923 Words   |  4 PagesIn attending lectures and doing the required readings for Professor’s International Trade Operations class during the preceding month, I have, as before, acquired a great deal of knowledge regarding the in’s and out’s of international business. I found the lectures and readings on Incoterms to be of particular interest. As a bilingual and bicultural individual who was privileged enough to learn two languages and maintain my understanding of both Japanese and English well into my adult years, IRead MoreThe Business Model Essay1262 Words   |  6 PagesThe Business Model * Based on your reading of Chapter 4 from the Hess book, An Elevator-Pitch Business Model, and the Why Business Models Matter article, complete the following: a. Write a concise two-sentence elevator pitch customer value proposition for your real-world business. (You can use the examples in the Hess book as a guide.) We will offer services to assist customers acquire any type of property to be used in any kind of way that is responsibleRead MoreBusiness: International Legal and Ethical Issues Essay1172 Words   |  5 PagesInternational Legal and Ethical Issues When businesses deal globally to expand their markets they may face dilemmas which must be dealt with to avoid conflict. The types of issues many companies encounter deal with legal, ethical and cultural encounters. From our example we see the legal issues in settling disputes for international transactions can become very complex. Ethical issues concerning the workers, the culture, and the environment are all contributing factors international companiesRead MoreThe Internet : The Modernization Of Money Laundering1432 Words   |  6 Pagesover the world have been trying to fight this issue for at least the last 40 years. As soon as a new technique comes out into the public, countries write laws that try to prohibit that behavior. Unfortunately, there is no one-stop fix for this international dilemma because new creative ideas come to fruition every day. No other idea or technology has influenced the illegal washing of money like the internet in the last 25 years. This essay w ill attempt to conclude the influence of the internet by

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Solving The Conflict Resolution Active Listening And...

help them resolve their conflict. â€Å"Arbitration is a time-tested, cost-effective alternative to ligation. Arbitration is the submission of a dispute to one or more impartial persons for a final and binding decision, known as an ‘award’. Awards are made in writing and generally final and binding on the parties in the case† (American Arbitration Association). The Communication Process Communication is one of the key elements of the conflict resolution process. The most of the conflicting situations are due to a miscommunication. It is why a good communication must be at the center of the activities of the organizations. In conflict management, two important elements can help for the conflict resolution: Active Listening and good communication. Usually; in the conflict, each party would like to win because no one wants to admit its faults. It is easy to put their own problems on someone else. In such a situation; to get an agreement, I would use two approaches: Confronting and Compromising. Those approaches will conduct to an agreement between the parties in a conflicting situation. We will use Active Listening and better Communication to reach that goal. By listening to each other, they will be able to find out first the problem; then, the solution to the problem by explaining their motivation and their inspiration. The success of a business can be largely dependent upon effective communication within the organization. Managing communication and promoting healthy conflictShow MoreRelated Communications in Team Environments1284 Words   |  6 PagesCommunications Communication within a collaborative team can be a one to one, one to many, or many to many. Either way, communication is a vital component in maintaining a non-hostile environment of a collaborative team. The objective of communication is to share thoughts, ideas, and feelings in the most common and effective way as possible. Communication is defined as an exchange of information and the transmission of meaning. During the Industrial Revolution age, messenger verbally deliveredRead MoreSolutions to Communication Problems1241 Words   |  5 PagesName Instructor Task Date Solutions to Communication Problems Introduction Organizations and institutions are bound to suffer from severe communication problems from time to time. It is widely accepted that communication constitutes the lifeblood of any organization and, therefore, any organization that experiences a breakdown in communication is not likely to live very long since numerous problems will arise that will ultimately cripple the organization and cause it to die (Carpentier 64). ThereforeRead MoreWhat Causes Conflict Between Team Members And Communication, Structure And Personal Issues1103 Words   |  5 Pagesthe use of teams in business, there is also an increase in the likelihood of conflict occurring due to the presence of overall differences among members of the team. What causes these differences, and how can they be managed and used to the company’s advantage? There are many factors to consider when determining what causes conflict between team members including communication, structure and personal issues. Communication factors are often the primary source of disagreement among individuals. MisunderstandingRead MoreConflicts in the Team Environment: How to Overcome These Obstacles1185 Words   |  5 PagesEven though people think conflicts will not arise in their team, it is vital to have conflict resolution strategies in place in order to avoid conflict and maintain a strong level of team communication. When becoming part of a team, obstacles are common, and they can come from outside of the group, as well as from within. There are many different steps that team members must go through in order to avoid conflicts getting out of hand. Teams must have a common goal that they are working toward in orderRead MoreThe Mediator Career Information Guide1223 Words   |  5 PagesThe Mediator Career Information Guide Are you looking for a fulfilling career with a good income and plenty of potential for growth? The skills of being a good listener with a since of fairness and a dedication to to seeking the truth may make a career as a mediator the right choice for you. Mediators have a long and sacred history that reaches back to ancient Greece helping to resolve conflict. Historians found evidence that mediators were used during Phoenician commerce, and the Romans gave themRead MoreEffective Communication in Team Dynamics Essay1096 Words   |  5 Pagesto decide what roles they will fill, plan their schedules for projects, and deal with upcoming team conflicts. Stewart, Sims Manz (1999) stated, â€Å"For a team to succeed, team members need to effectively communicate with one another† (p. 79). While each element of teamwork is important, effective communication is the cornerstone to team dynamics. One of the main elements of effective communication is open discussions. Everyone on the team needs to be willing to share his or her point of view.Read MoreHow to Communicate with Tact and Professionalism1357 Words   |  6 Pagesprofessionalism. They speak honestly, confidently and receive criticism constructively. They are powerful, not intimidating, and say what needs to be said without offending or creating conflict. This paper explains the why(s) and how(s) to do these things. Determine your objective before diving into communication. Anticipate reaction before making statements or sending correspondence. Refrain from hurling insults, and rise above petty name-calling or the blame game. Use appropriate terminology;Read MoreConflict Resolution Toolkit4549 Words   |  19 PagesContents Reflection Paper 3 Critical Thought and Perception 3 Problem Solving 3 Reporting Inferring and Judging 4 Using Your Judgment for Personal and Organizational Issues 4 Active Listening 4 Argument 5 Analyzing Conflict 5 Working Through Conflict 6 The Communication Process 7 Positive Language and Negotiation 7 Conclusion 10 References 11 Appendix A 12 Appendix B 20 Reflection Paper Conflict Management is defined as â€Å"the practice of recognizing and dealing withRead MoreGood Practices of Communication within a Team1174 Words   |  5 Pages Good Practices of Communication within the Team The topic focused in this paper within teamwork is communication. In teamwork, communication in an important part in order to achieve success and reach goals. This was the reason why this topic was chosen because; establishing good communication facilitates team work and achievements. This paper will be discussing four good practices that are important for communication, which are suggested by peer-reviewed scholarly articles. Each good practice isRead MoreProject Bsbwor502 Essay examples1517 Words   |  7 Pagesindividual task/ roles, the teams tasks/roles and with one another. They need to learn to work together. †¢ Facilitate teams †¢ Participate in teams more effectively †¢ Anticipate the procedures necessary for developing good team networks. Its a good idea to identify the stages of development and determine where the team is at. This helps development needs, assesses the best strategies for overcoming weaknesses and helps find the best methods for moving forward. Enable your team

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The Dutch Republic - 767 Words

Introduction The Dutch republic came to be when part of the Netherlands separated from Spanish rule in 1579 and gained international recognition in 1648. It was characterized by its high population density (which is a continuity to this day), and its early, high level of urbanization. From the 16th to 18th centuries, the Dutch rose to power comparable to even Britain and France. This was also the period of time when world trade flourished and linked continents, acquiring the name â€Å"global trade.† In fact, the Dutch republic experienced such growth and improvement that the 17th century was the â€Å"Dutch golden age.† During the golden age, trade, military, art, and science flourished. This all led to a domination in trade, production of ships, etc. Western Europe After the split of the Roman Empire, the western half fell as the east prospered. Then in the medieval period, the catholic western European states emerged stronger than ever, causing the distinction between roman catholic/protestant vs eastern orthodox in Europe. Western Europe was made up of competitive states that came to play major roles. The Dutch republic managed to become largely influential and powerful through trade. As previously mentioned, competitiveness was and still is a characteristic of Western Europe. Since the Dutch focused on ship building to support the trade they were beginning to be a part of. Through this time period emerged the Columbian exchange and some European states also took an interestShow MoreRelatedThe Dutch Republic Downfall Essay1483 Words   |  6 PagesWithin 1650 to 1713 the Dutch Republic underwent a formidable transformation, which changed its status as a major influence in Europe. The Dutch Republic was a political union of seven provinces that was not only an impressive banking and commercial capital, but the Dutch also had a great navy as well. Additionally, the center of flourishment in the Dutch Republic was Amsterdam, which was the foremost trading and banking center in all of Europe. The changing environment of the late seventeenth andRead MoreEssay The Art of the Dutch Republic2132 Words   |  9 PagesThe Art of the Dutch Republic Dutch art (is) not #8230;a literal record of social experience, but #8230;a document of beliefs. Do what extent to the following sources support this view with regard to the Dutch Republic in the seventeenth century? (750 words) Human expression provides a mechanism by which human behaviour can be studied by the historian, and in aesthetic expression such as art, the historian can study the beliefs which influence human behaviour. Within the alleged GoldenRead MoreAp Euro Dutch Republic Dbq1220 Words   |  5 PagesDutch Republic DBQ In the 17th century, the Dutch Republic experienced a Golden Age and was able to maintain security, unity, and prosperity in its society and economy. The nation was considered a leading power, especially in trade and ideas, within Europe. However, it was not long before circumstances changed and the state face many problems establishing peace and agreement. By the end of the 17th and the beginning of the 18th centuries, there had been a significant change in the Dutch Republic’sRead MoreAp European History Reading Questions-Chapter 15 Essay examples1631 Words   |  7 PagesSweden 1560–1660 searching for major changes in the European way of war caused by introduction of portable firearms. Roberts linked military technology with larger historical consequences, arguing that innovations in tactics, drill and doctrine by the Dutch and Swedes 1560–1660, which maximized the utility of firearms, led to a need for more trained troops and thus for permanent forces. Th ese changes in turn had major political consequences in the level of administrative support and the supply of moneyRead MoreHow Significant was the Reformed Faith to the Success of the Dutch Revolt?1327 Words   |  6 PagesThe Dutch Revolt of the sixteenth century, was a conflict between the Protestant Low countries, and the Catholic Spanish Empire. This resulted in the division of the seventeen provinces of the Netherlands, and eventually the formation of the Dutch Republic. This struggle culminated into a Religious split. The Dutch speaking north were tolerant to various religious affiliations, whereas, the French and Walloon South, remained loyal to Philip II, and were predominantly Catholic. In order to determineRead MoreHistory Of The Netherlands During The 17th Century1400 Words   |  6 Pagescomposition will segue to a review of the most popular Dutch still life artists of the 17th century, and then transition to the specific genre of floral still life. This naturally lea ds to a consideration of techniques of the Dutch artists of that era and a succinct study of several of the most famous Dutch floral still lives from the 1600s. The thesis of this investigation is floral still lives became a popular specialty genre of 17th century Dutch painters, reflecting he advanced painting techniquesRead MoreComparison Of Works By Adriaen Van De Venne And Gabriel De Saint Aubin1540 Words   |  7 PagesAdriaen van de Venne, whose paintings â€Å"Merry Company in an Arbor† (dated to 1615) and â€Å"Country Dance† (dated to approximately 1760-1762) I had the pleasure of observing at the J. Paul Getty Museum. â€Å"Merry Company† is a typical representative of the Dutch Golden Age paintings with the theme being a group of people, engaging in leisurely activities, indoors or outdoors and overall reflects the mood of the population following the dominant position of the Netherlands in Europe. â€Å"The Country Dance† isRead MoreThe Durin g The Dutch Golden Age1772 Words   |  8 PagesPortraiture During The Dutch Golden Age The 17th century was a very successful period for the Dutch Republic, as the golden age started, trading has increased, exploration was at its peak, and merchants were becoming very wealthy and powerful. At this time paintings were a form of communication to express power, value, and social class. During the golden age Dutch artists have specialized and master the genre of still life, portraiture, scene’s of everyday life, and landscape painting. Middle-classRead MoreHow significant was the Reformed faith to the success of the Dutch Revolt?1253 Words   |  6 PagesThe Dutch Revolt, In the sixteenth century, was a conflict between the Protestant Low Countries, and the Catholic Spanish Empire. This resulted in the division of the seventeen provinces of the Netherlands, and eventually the formation of the Dutch Republic. The Dutch speaking north were tolerant to various religious affiliations, whereas, the French and Walloon South, remained loyal to Philip II, and were predomin antly Catholic. In order to establish the significance of reformed faith in the successRead MoreMy Life And Life Of A Missionary1082 Words   |  5 PagesCalvinist family, so that I could have been raised according to God’s law. Throughout my life I have spread this religion to as many heretics as possible. Because of my devotion I began my preaching in Geneva, then I traveled to Kampan in the revolting Dutch provinces to spread God’s word there, and finally I have settled in New Amsterdam, and continue to preach this very day, 1632. This memoir will not specifically be about Calvinism since I have already written down my treatise in another text. It will

Throughout this essay I`ll be define and giving...

Throughout this essay I`ll be: define and giving background information on Allport`s Scale, interpreting how these types prejudices are present in the story A Rose for Charlie and my reaction to the story, I`ll also be writing about how this scale applies to my actions and other`s I`ve observed as well. First off, Allport`s Scale was created by psychologist Gordon Allport in the year 1954. This scale is a measurement of the manifestation of prejudice in a society. It consists of five stages of prejudice, they`re ranked by the increasing harm in which they produce. The five stages are Stage 1- Antilocution, Stage 2- Avoidance, Stage 3- Discrimination Stage 3B (later added)-Subtle aggression, Stage 4- Physical attacks, and Stage 5-†¦show more content†¦Recently, I`ve read a short story named A Rose for Charlie. This brief passage contains examples of all five kinds of prejudice on Allport`s Scale. First I`ll provide a brief summary of the story; then in the paragraph following the summary, I`ll present evidence from the brief text of the phases of prejudices. A Rose for Charlie is a petite sized story about a gay young man. Growing up in the late 1970s when he had reached high school, Charlie Howard was fair-haired and small-boned; the way he presented himself set him apart from most of the other boys in Portsmouth. The small New Hampshire town seemed like a living hell he couldn`t escape quite often. Nonetheless, Charlie had a tough exterior being he didn`t cry or run away most days. He underwent torturous treatment from a seemingly countless quantity of people. Between the characteristics I listed above, him having asthma, a learning disability, and being gay, there was almost no way he could`ve prevented being constantly harassed. Charlie was trapped in his own life. He saw living at home after high school as being a disaster, he didn`t get along well with his stepfather and didn`t think he would go far beyond what he`s capable of. (Which probably was n`t much considering his low grades the tolerance of gays back then) Leaving town seemed to be his only option, he eventually moved in with other men twice. He later discovered that in the second

How to Make English Become More Interesting free essay sample

English is the main language in world. It is the most often used language to communicate. You won’t be able to communicate with someone from America by using Indonesia language (as if you are Indonesian) or to communicate with someone in London ; the only language that usually spoken in communicating with everyone else from around the world is English. So, it is such an important thing to learn English. But the problem is it is a little bit hard to make English it self be interest for students to learn. They think it is bored and confusing. This time I would like to tell you about some ways that english teachers can do to make English become interest to students. Try to add some english songs and ask students to sing it together. Everyone love music, love to listening either singing a song. To make english more interesting, the first-best way is to ask students to sing an english song with you. We will write a custom essay sample on How to Make English Become More Interesting or any similar topic specifically for you Do Not WasteYour Time HIRE WRITER Only 13.90 / page You can tell them the lyrics so they would know some new english words and tell them how to spell all the words in the lyrics. Then ask them to sing the song. Besides they would enjoy the music, it will be also easier to make them understand how to speak english with a good pronounciation and they will be faster to memorize some english words in the lyrics. So it can increase their vocabulary. When students are getting bored but we still have lessons that hasn’t explained, don’t be worry. Students will not be last long paying attention to the teacher when the teacher is explaining the lesson, therefore we have to do something to take their attention back. They need something spontaneous. In the middle of our explanation, we can play games. This kind of way will attract their attention. We can adapt Hangman or Jeopardy. Another great idea is to have the students themselves create a game that fits the text you are studying. They probably having fun and enjoy the class. The third thing that we can do is to tell more jokes in class. .

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SWOT Analysis Of Current ICT Service In Ebay Marketplace and Plan

Question: Discuss about the SWOT Analysis Of Current ICT Service In Ebay Marketplace And Its Long Term Action Plan. Answer: Introduction The aim of this assignment is to perform the SWOT Analysis of a current ICT (Information and Communication Technology) service in worlds largest E-commerce marketplace, that is, Ebay e-commerce organization and to identify the internal (Strength, Weakness) and external (Opportunities, Threats) positives and negatives of an Ebay organization. This assignment is to understand the issues and problems of an Ebay E-commerce organization and to set goals to develop an action plan. This assignment will make us understand what actions an Ebay e-commerce organization can take on the current scenario, how new opportunities can help develop the new client service delivery relationships with Information and Communication Technology retailers and products and what would be an action plan for an Ebay e-commerce to stand out in a crowd for a long term(CSO, 2016). Role of ICT Information and Communication Technology plays a vital role in the growth of Ebay E-commerce. ICT manages all the transactions and messages online(UNCTAD, 2003). This helps the Ebay E-commerce to manage their online users who buy the products by surfing the internet in their free time rather that going out to the market. This typically includes browsing products online, adding the products to the cart and checking out by paying though the online payment gateways (Credit Cart, Debit card, net-banking, third party APIs like PayPal) integrated in the Ebay E-commerce website(Gupta, 2014). The role of ICT is important in any e-commerce as it manages all orders, payment transactions, invoices, or description of products and handle all automated exchange of data between ICT and Ebay E-commerce. The ICT provides various other services like Cloud computing, ISDN, mobile internet, broadband connections, dial up access, etc. ICT is considered significantly important for Ebay E-commerce and help them understand their business and competition in the international market. The broadband service by Internet and communication technology helps most in boosting up the revenue of the Ebay E-commerce service in a wider range(Mokashi, 2012). SWOT Analysis of Ebay E-commerce: Strength Distinguishable Brand recognition Global Scope Online Auctions Localization Niche products High Traffic and ranking on Google Tie ups with different large organizations Charity donations Weakness Technology Crash Low product quality Fraudulent activities by sellers Customer satisfaction No personal services Increase in fees for sellers Opportunities Increase in mobile shoppers Acquisition with other brands Expansion in other countries Advertising Begin to be a retailer Threats Online trading competition Fraud or illegal action Competition with other retailers Change in law Privacy concern Cost control Strengths Following are the strengths of Ebay e-commerce marketplace : Distinguishable brand recognition:Ebay E-commerce is a well known online brand due to its auction related services. Global scope: Ebay E-commerce is a focal or main point of interest for the sellers and buyers who are actively using the main feature (auction) of this broad marketplace. Online Auctions:Clients can buy the products online at a cheaper price for a particular interval of time, during the auction period. Sellers in the Ebay marketplace list the products which are on sale for a limited period of time by providing them the opportunity to bid in that auction at a competitive price. Localization: Ebay marketplace provides the multi-lingual functionality which helps the users to get the product listing in their own local language. Currently, Ebay is operating in approx 35 countries and its a big advantage for Ebay E-commerce as no other marketplace in Ebays competitive is expanded to such extent. Niche products:Ebay Marketplace includes almost all products that interest the customers at a particular location or time. High Traffic and ranking on Google: Approx 54% of online users from the United States visits the Ebay marketplace and its placed at global rank of 57 and 7 in the US. Tie ups with different large organizations: Ebay E-commerce tie-ups with various known brands like Square Trade, Auctionwatch, AOL, IBM, Yahoo, PayPal and Skype is their biggest strength which helps them to increase their market base. Charity donations: Another feature of Ebay marketplace which allows the buyers or sellers to donate a percentage of the amount to the charity online(Yadav Sharma, 2014). Weakness Technology Crash: Peoplesometimes experience the technology crash while making the payments. Low product quality: As Ebay has a wide range of sellers, there is no guarantee to get a high quality product. Fraudulent activities by sellers: There are some fraudulent activities done by the sellers like selling the defected items or wrong products with color/size variants. Customer satisfaction: As Ebay is a large marketplace, its difficult for them to maintain the customer satisfaction for each product/services sold through their website. No personal services: There are no personal services provided by the website yet like grooming, hair styling etc. Increase in fees for sellers: Ebay Marketplace has increased the fees for the sellers account. Opportunities Increase in mobile shoppers: Due to the emergence of mobile e-commerce, there is an opportunity to increase the sales through mobile sites or apps. Acquisition with other brands: Ebay Marketplace had already a good reputation in acquiring the brands. They can expand this to other brands also. Expansion in other countries: They have an expansion in around 35 countries and can expand more in other countries(Awais Samin, 2012). Advertising: Ebay Marketplace can increase their sales by investing in advertising their new and upcoming features and brands. Begin to be a retailer:. Ebay can become a retailer in itself to see the activities of other online marketplace websites and to earn a profit from their competitors. Threats Online trading competition: Ebay Marketplace can have a threat from other marketplace or trading business. Fraud or illegal action: Due to its expansion in approx 35 countries, the chances of fraud is high. Competition with other retailers: They can have a competition in place with other retailers in the market. Change in law: In the future, they can lose their customer base or revenue if there is any change in law in terms of exchange rates. Privacy concern: Ebay has a threat of any kind of theft or fraud during transactions. Cost control: Ebay marketplace has to control the cost of the products and remain competitive with other marketplace. Comparison of Ebay with its competitors This report is to study the competitors of the larger marketplace website. That is, Ebay. Ebay, has few direct and indirect competitors in the global market which work on the similar verticals like competitors providing services like auction, marketplace service, classified services, etc. (Eghoff Mabey, 2014) Few factors on which we can evaluate the competition on Ebay with its competitors includes: Brand recognition. Quality of product and security Professional management Strong economic trends Brand name in the global market Strong financial reputation Strong and trusted brand name Client engagement Rates of goods and services, etc. To describe both the e-commerce and m-commerce competition of the Ebay with other marketplace, the other factors which can be considered are: Ebays online visibility and its responsive feature on all the devices. Reliability of the system. Cost of services. Security of the payment and delivery to the customers, etc. Ebay has a believe that they have made the best use of the above said factors, but there are chances when its competitors will can make the best or most effective use of these to achieve or produce better than Ebay(Chaffey, 2013). Goals and Objectives: The goal of Ebay marketplace is to increase the revenue or turnover by using the services of Information Technology and Communication (ITC). The main objectives of the Ebay marketplace are defined using the services of the ITC factors mentioned below : Making the online customers to get registered on the Ebay marketplace using their email or social media accounts. This will help the Ebay marketplace to increase their client base. The registered users will help the Ebay marketplace in increasing the auction bids, buyers and sellers(Kent, 2008). The increase in the number of users/auctioneers/buyers/sellers will be directly proportional to the revenue in the future. Developing new opportunities using ICT services: This is to study the strength of current Ebay marketplace and using them to create chances of developing a relationship with Information Communication and Technology. ICT can help Ebay with creating a strong business alliance and helping them with: Providing the features of performing the LIVE audits and bids in the online marketplace. Providing the sellers to post jobs or opportunities online so that the users can apply for those posts as per the competitive value. Ebay has launched a new feature called Safeharbour. ICT can help eBay to perform all the security holes and validating all the customers using the online portal. Creating new business alliances with other offline future competitive market. Making Ebay communicate with business in the global market, which can help them to launch or bring traffic to their website in different countries. Providing them the softwares or technologies that can put forward their brand place at the top in the international market(Gallagar, 2009). Action plan for longer term: Few days back, Ebay has revealed their long term plan which will help the marketplace to increase their revenue by approximately 41% over the next few years. They have also stated in their revealing note that this has been analyzed and evaluated as per the current profit coming from the third party payment gateway, PayPal(Zacks Equity Research, 2013). The CEO of the company has some plans to continue their business alliance with PayPal, taking into consideration PayPals role in the overall growth of the Ebay marketplace in the global market. The primary service provided by the Ebay marketplace, that is, auction has also been considered as the vital feature in increasing the turnover, thereby providing an opportunity to bring the best opportunities in the future. Both PayPal and Auction feature of Ebay marketplace are nothing without the core service provided by the ICT, which plays a crucial role in creating the overall growth plan of Ebay e-commerce marketplace. Conclusion: In this report, we have evaluated the role of Information and Communication Technology (ICT) in Ebay organization and have performed the SWOT Analysis based on the current issues, goals, objectives and action plans of the current situation of the Ebay marketplace. Depending upon the current situation of the Ebay marketplace, we have analyzed the competitors of Ebay, and Ebays goals and objectives. We have also evaluated the new opportunities that can help build a business alliance with the ICT using the present situation or strengths of the Ebay e-commerce. We have also included the action plan that can help the Ebay to grow well in long -term. References Awais, M., Samin, T. (2012, March). Advanced SWOT Analysis of E-Commerce. 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